The DSM. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. A voluminous, invaluable tool used by psychotherapists the world over to diagnose individuals with mental illness. Referenced by Samantha Clark countless times throughout her career, never suspecting that one day it would save her life.


   Samantha receives a seemingly innocent but anonymous letter, and overnight her world changes forever. She becomes a victim in a frightening game of cat-and-mouse, a nightmare that begins when her boyfriend, Todd, fails to return to the wellness retreat they own in the woods of Florida. Working closely with police, Samantha and two trusted friends discover that Todd’s disappearance is linked to a series of murders occurring in a nearby county. They soon find themselves prey to a mentally ill patient from Samantha’s past, bent on revenge. With time bearing down, they must weave together the clues found in a succession of ominous letters and the DSM to save Todd. Their mission to unravel the mystery behind the kidnapping plunges them into a terrifying maze of danger, deception, and madness.

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Welcome to my author website! I hope you enjoy learning about The Resurrection of Hannah and The Fear of Things to Come, the first two novels in the Samantha Clark Mystery Series. See the Author tab to read my autobiography, which will allow you to know me on a more personal level. The Books tab lists a brief synopsis for both novels, as well as links that will take you to each of their first chapters. You may check out my Blog page, showing both my recent and past blogs, which are kept in the Blog archive. The Guestbook page allows readers to view or write a review or comment for the author, which I strongly encourage. Please view the Events tab to keep up with my current book appearances as well as all the events I have engaged in since The Resurrection of Hannah launched in April 2011. Lastly, you can use the Contact page to access my various social media sites or to reach me through my confidential email address. 

The Resurrection of Hannah is the story of a woman whose path is forever altered, her first tentative step leading to an astonishing life journey. As the story develops, Samantha is torn between the polarities of everyday existence ―between present and past, love and fear, hope and despair—finding herself unable to exist in two very different worlds, she must go full circle to find her way home. The Resurrection of Hannah was inspired by true events, the first in what I believe is a unique series full of gripping plots, memorable characters and unanticipated bends in the road. The sequel to this book, The Fear of Things to Come, is considered a page-turner, a suspense/thriller/mystery that takes the protagonist on another grand adventure. Both novels present Samantha as she is confronted with diverse and surprising life occurrences, each tale presenting a labyrinth she must feel her way through, mirroring the shifting sands on which she stands. Samantha is an engaging lead character, full of human imperfection and spirit and strength, one whose infectious energy binds to the loved ones caught up in a her ever-changing life stories.

It has brought great joy as I continue to engage in this personal challenge of learning how to express my thoughts and feelings through the written word. I write full-length works of fiction as well as blogs, which I hope you will find both entertaining and inspirational.


                               “To fear is one thing. To let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around is another.” 

                                                                                                                                  —Katherine Paterson

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The Fear of Things to Come is also available in ebook.

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